Orb Athletic - Beautifully Fit

We run, we work, we play, we work out, and we've been designing, developing, and producing high quality women's specific clothing for over two decades in Canada. That's why we've created Orb Athletic.

At Orb, we believe in quality, integrity, and building excellent clothing products with a passion and purpose. After years of monitoring the quality, functionality, and styling of athletic clothing brands, we believe our customer deserves better.

We've set out to manufacture better quality weaves, thread patterns, and fabrics, and turn the construction of those fabrics in to lighter, more luxurious, stronger, stretchier, longer wearing, anti-pilling garments that will be the favourite piece in any athletic wardrobe...and we're out to be small.

At Orb, we aren't focussed on big. We are a small Canadian company with independent ownership in BC. We are a tight team in our Vancouver home base with a wide-spread and very distinguished group of industry-leading fabric sources, partner manufacturers, and development facilities. Our focus is on better - not bigger.

We welcome all women to Orb Athletic and look forward to running, training, hiking, playing, stretching, working out, and enjoying life in Orb products along with you.